PLG Classics | Live : FPS

Registration is now open for all players who have mastered the art of FPS Gaming, 75,000 USD in Prize money awaits you at the Al-Jazira Club – Mubadala Dome on the 13th of December (Entry is Free).

Click here to register for classic First person shooters

The PLG Classics 
is your chance to play and compete on some of the most beloved video games of the past 20 years, revive your obsession, relive your passion and play in a competitive tournament you only wish you had the chance to back in the day. We are not limiting this to an older generation of gamers, everyone is welcome to give this a try, if you have the skills and the desire to prove yourself or just have some good old fashioned fun then get involved. 

PLG Grand Slam Medal of Honor Pacific Assault

We are starting this season with the old school First person shooters, the titles that started it all, Unreal Tournament, Medal of Honor, Quake series are all gamer favorites and we want to hear from you what you want to see at this years event. The season will kick of on Thursday the 13th December 2018 at Al Jazira Club – Mubadala Dome – Abu Dhabi.  To wet your appetite we have a 75,000 USD prize pool on the line – Sign up now to enter the PLG Classics at this years PLG Grand Slam and don’t forget to message us through social media with your ideas and requests.