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Quick Reg – All Tournaments

Below is the list of Tournaments taking place from the 13th to the 15th of December at the PLG Grand Slam.

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PLG Open | Live : CSGO

The PLG Open  is very literally that, a tournament open to all players or teams for a set period, anywhere in the world, from those eligible countries. Whether you are a seasoned pro, veteran or a fresh noob the competition does not discriminate. You may find this a tougher route to take to glory but no one said this was going to be easy. Prove yourself in the Open and bigger opportunities await as you could find yourself with a seat at the PLG Grand Slam.

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PLG Nationals

PLG Nationals | Live : League of Legends

The PLG Nationals is the gateway into the eSports ecosystem of the Middle East and Africa providing a wide range of competitions and tournaments. Some players enter for fun and bragging rights while others seek to advance their status and ambition to greater levels of competitive play. All PLG Nationals are played online, with live streamed match, highlights, player spotlights and analysis from top talent. The Nationals reach, and viewership is a great platform for players, teams and commercial brands to be acknowledged as major contributors to esports development in the market with tangible returns.

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PLG Grand Slam wild card with fortnite

PLG Wild Card | Live : Fortnite

The PLG Wild Card offers players a chance to PRE-QUALIFY before anyone else! So you get to skip all the qualification rounds, fast tracking you to the final event. It suits players that have the ability and skills, but really do not have the time to commit to a heavy tournament schedule because they actually have a life outside of gaming. Spots are very limited for Wild Cards, so we urge players to register early for this privilege. 

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PLG Classics | Live : FPS

Registration is now open for all players who have mastered the art of FPS Gaming, 75,000 USD in Prize money awaits you at the Al-Jazira Club – Mubadala Dome on the 13th of December (Entry is Free). Click here to register for classic First person shooters The PLG Classics is your chance to play and compete … Continued

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PLG City Heroes

PLG City Heroes | Live : Tekken 7 & DBFZ

The PLG City Heroes provides gamers the opportunity to represent their city in an inter-city league of unique teams without the commitment of full-time professional play. They are provided with an Esports experience they would not normally have access to as amateurs and the tools they need to perform in front of an audience. In partnership with the region’s largest chain VOX Cinemas we are providing the environment for players and fans to enjoy competition, relax watch and the games they love on state-of-the-art screens in a theater environment.

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PLG Community Cup | Live : Pokemon TCG

Nothing better than seeing passionate gaming communities thrive in all areas of competitive gaming. None more so than on one of our personal favorites Pokémon TCG! Make yourself a 60 card competitive deck and sign up for a 2 day tournament! 5,000 AED worth of cash and merchandise await! PIKA PIKA!

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PLG Pro Challenge | Live : FIFA 19 + MKXL +INJ2

Join us on the 14th or 15th December at du Forum Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Your chance has come to challenge a Pro Gamer live at PLG Grand Slam. You may not get the chance every day or ever to step up and face off some of the best players in world, to test your skills, all the hours of practice, all the effort, all the hard work. But now you can! Sign up to challenge the best of the best, and if you can show you have the skills, we will show you PRIZES!

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PLG Arena

PLG Arena | Live : BO4 Zombies

COD BO4 Zombies leader board challenge will be available all weekend 14th and 15th of December at du Forum Yas Island. Tickets on sale now, all you have to do is survive, 3,000 AED is at stake ! Click here to book your ticket no registration required   The PLG Arena offers players and teams … Continued

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