jBrok3n’s “One to Watch”

Published: September 24, 2018

Another season dawns upon us as we unveil one the toughest and most elite League of Legends tournament we have seen in the Arab World. It has become a spectacle of the top teams and fiercest new comers from all over the region. Many familiar faces and team names rise once again to answer the call, the gate leading to the PLG Grand Slam is open once again. Only this time the call is louder, and the stakes are much higher. High enough that we are also seeing many new faces and teams.


This year is going to host some of the best returning players from its previous instalments and while I am looking forward to seeing Wicky San’s new team Osh-Tekk Warriors, I am most excited about checking out Saiken from the Algerian team, Fennec Arts.  Even the defending champions, Nasr eSports, have went through some changes with Madness from Kuwait.



It’s a great sight really, seeing many teams from Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria join us and bring a breath of fresh air and a lot of fresh blood! I am a little biased seeing that I’m a Black Lotus fanboy, couldn’t help but get excited when I saw them make an appearance again.


I am personally very excited to see the classical matchups between the top Saudi Teams and top Egyptian teams. Teams like Anubis Gaming making a return to revive the rivalry between them and Osh-Tekk Warriors, currently and other returning finalists from last year like Team Hex.


It is also our pleasure to see the Red Bull Tetramerous defending champions, Team Wadi Kabeer, taking on the challenge and showing once again how they can perform as a 5-man team after dominating the 4 v 4 scene in Oman.


Not to mention Senyu21 and Galalah AKA Dakrai, who is now playing as a main jungler after being a solid mid laner for so long. This season of the PLG Nationals will simply blow your mind and breed some of the best finalists’ teams we will have ever seen.


It simply escalates the level of competition this time around easily making it the toughest and by far the largest league of legends tournament we have ever hosted.