Live stream schedule

Watching Live or go to our stream (Highly Recommended)

Get out your house (don’t wait for the stream), get off the sofa, live esports is here! You can watch an intense few days of competition as players and countryman from 30 different nations battle it out on the main stage. Get involved with local competitions, watch pros and amateurs as even your own friends and family go head to head.  We have lots to keep you entertained between every round, with food and refreshments. You might even pick up some giveaways and prizes for all ages, even if you are not playing yourself. 

Pro Teams (Meet and Greet)

You can book specific tickets that get you up close and personal with some of the best gamers in the world. If you are lucky enough they might just sign your shirt! Be sure to check the timings for the meet and greet sessions as they are released! G2 Esports, FNATIC, Hellraisers, Tyloo, Energy, NASR Esports. Players like “KennyS” and “JW” are ready to show you a few tips and tricks.  

PLG Grand Slam CSGO

Great Entertainers (On Route)

20 International commentators, analysts and hosts in 6 different languages are on route. These experts will be working all week to bring you all their critical insights. Above all else, their personality and energy is what makes the even come to life in and between matches. You will have access to them on site with the right ticket type and of course be able to watch and hear them live at our main stage or on the broadcast stream. 

Stream in several languages

While we would love you to watch our stream, and we are offering several key languages (English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Chicken) we really hope to see you here live. The action for all rounds of the PLG Grand Slam for CS:GO 100,000 USD Finals throughout Day 1 to Day 3 (13th Dec to 15th Dec) will be streamed live. You will have access to individual schedules coming soon for other tournaments. So stay tuned to our social media channels to keep you posted with the latest updates. Following our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is the first step to getting involving.