PLG Grand Slam – Friday Day 2 at du Forum has something for all skill levels, from the Pro players down to the casual gamers, single players and team players. We have Esports and Gaming, challenges, community cups, and main stage international finals!

Doors open at 2 pm, events start at 3pm, there is food beverage and hospitality all day

Here is the list of events that will take place on the Friday 14th of December :

Skill Level Semi Pro and above : 

  1. CS:GO Top 8 Qualifier (100,000 USD Prize Pool)
  2. League of Legends Finals ( 10,000 USD Prize Pool)

Skill Level Amateur and above : 

  1. Fortnite Qualifiers ( 5,000 AED)
  2. Tekken 7 Tournament Last Chance Qualifier (5,000 USD)
  3. Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tournament Last Chance Qualifier (5,000 USD)
  4. Pokemon TGC Cup (5,000 AED)
  5. Rocket League Qualifier (5,000 AED)
  6. PLG Pro Challenges FIFA 14th (2,000 AED)
  7. PLG Pro Challenges MKXL (1,000 AED)
  8. PLG Pro Challenges Injustice 2 (1,000 AED)
  9. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Leader Board (3,000 AED)

PLG Grand Slam