CSGO Pro teams at PLG Grand Slam

Great teams

G2 Esports as the first invited team!

We are super excited to announce that G2 Esports are the very first team invited to the PLG Grand Slam for the CS:GO tournament!

A quote from Jérôme ‘NiaK’ Sudries (Manager):

” We are truly honored to receive this invitation for the first edition of the Grand Slam. A part of us already had the opportunity to travel to the UAE and Dubai for a tournament in 2015, it was a fantastic experience and we are really excited to get the opportunity to come back for an event that promises to be even more spectacular! See you there ” #G2ARMY.

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HellRaisers is the second invited team!

We are pleased to announce the 2nd invited team to the PLG Grand Slam for the CS:GO tournament, team HellRaisers!

A quote from Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov:

“We are happy to be a part of PLG Grand Slam. We hope this event will bring fresh interest to esports in UAE and the Middle East region and our game will inspire a lot of young players to get into CS:GO”

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3rd team revealed! FNATIC!

We are excited to announce our 3rd invited team to the PLG Grand Slam, FNATIC!

Statement from FNATIC’s team director, Andreas Samuelsson:

" We are really looking forward to end our 2018 season in Abu Dhabi. We are super excited to both play PLG Grand Slam and to explore the city. It’s a special city for a Formula 1 fan like me because of the Formula 1 season ending in Abu Dhabi each season. We can’t wait for December!" 

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NASR Esports is the 4th team invited!

The 4th invited team to the PLG Grand Slam is the home-grown champion, NASR eSports!

Statement from NASR eSport’s General Manager, Luciano Rahal:
“As the regional home-grown champions, we are excited to be part of such an international tournament. We have been waiting for years to have the opportunity to show case our region and talent and are looking forward to face power houses from the rest of the world. After Zowie Extremesland, we were told that we would get an invite and it was truly a joyful moment for the team. Playing against teams such as G2, Hellraisers, Fnatic...

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5th invited team ! Energy Esports !

Introducing our 5th invited team all the way from South Africa, Energy Esports!

Statement from Energy Esports:

“Being part of the PLG Grand Slam will mean the world to us as this is a very important event for us to show what we are made of and what we can do. We hardly ever get opportunities internationally as our region and country is isolated and far away, but our team skill, experience and level can definitely compete against top Asian and high-level EU teams....

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Tyloo ! The 6th team invited to the PLG Grand Slam

Tyloo is the highest ranked and most popular CSGO team in Asia and has been in the top 20 world ranking for the past year.
The name in Chinese comes from a Chinese mythical hybrid creature, Tianlu

Statement from Tyloo’s Manager:

“Honored to be part of this international tournament in Abu Dhabi”

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Introducing our 7th invited team from Kazakhstan, team AVANGAR!

AVANGAR is a multi-gaming esports organization. A young organization from Kazakhstan, founded in the summer of 2017 that competes in CSGO and PUBG.

Statement from AVANGAR:

“It will be a great opportunity to show good level of Counter-Strike in a great city”

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And finally, our last invited team from Jordan, team chosen5!

Chosen5 is a team composed of a group of friends originating back to 2011 when 2 core players, zerocool and f00lz attended WCG 2011 in South Korea as c5’s first event internationally.

Statement from chosen5:

“We are extremely excited that we are invited to such an amazing event like PLG Grand Slam with having all the top teams attending...

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